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Case Study

Life Sciences Consultancy and Software Firm

"Ramp Interactive has been an invaluable partner, seamlessly integrating with our development team, providing expert AWS support, and delivering exceptional consultancy and development services.”

- Founder and Managing Partner

Services Provided:

  • AWS Consultancy
  • DevOps
  • Technical Documentation
  • Development


  • Provide technical consultancy on replacing existing, manual screenshot process for content for approval
  • Architect a scaleable, queued screenshot tool that runs on AWS infrastructure and that can be consumed by multiple Axain One deployments
  • Design, architect, develop, test and deliver a database migration tool


Phase 1 of the project focused on an automated screenshot tool. The entire solution was deployed using two CloudFormation projects. One project was responsible for deploying the main service, while the other configured an AWS client account to consume the service. The tool utilized a private API Gateway that provided endpoints for capturing screenshots, listing supported devices, and checking the status of specific jobs.

Authentication for the tool was handled through AWS Cognito. A Step Functions State Machine was employed to orchestrate the Lambda functions involved in the screenshot process. These Lambda functions controlled headless Chrome web browsers using a TypeScript application. Upon completion, the tool generated PDF reports containing all the captured pages.

In Phase 2, the project introduced a database migration tool. The tool was designed to be accessible through the AWS Console and could accept variable inputs. It had the capability to automatically migrate data between different environments and had a rollback mechanism in case of errors. The tool also provided status notifications to keep users informed about the migration progress. Additionally, it could be deployed into any AWS Client account and integrated into the company's software platform UI through an API.